Take me to the beach.

“Take me to the beach” she says, kicking out her legs like she’s swimming. 

“I want to dive the waves.” 

And I understand the feeling. 

“Go, then,” I say, and want to add, but don’t: 

Go headfirst. Sink down deep. Hold your breath. Be afraid of losing it. Stretch your arms as wide as they will go and push as hard as you can. Try to grab hold of the water even though you know it will run through your hands. Worry that you haven’t gone deep enough. Learn that you have. Come up for air. Experience the moment when the silence becomes the sound of the air and the waves rippling at the shoreline. Lie back for a moment in peace. Do it all again. 

But there is time for all that, yet. 

So I just say, “go, then,” and let that be enough.


take me to the beach


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